Sigma MC-11 adapter: reaction and thoughts by Herb Real

A7rii MC11-5405 T.jpg

HOORAY! IT'S HERE! (it's been here actually)

Sigma has done it, allowing their Art lenses to adapt on Sony E mount camera's like A7 series Mirrorless cameras and more. I was excited to review it when I received my own copy about a month ago but never got to it (I was very busy) and its been more than overdue. 


Hmm, yes and no. The term "fast" is a huge discussion amongst Youtube photography bloggers, camera online community boards because I feel their pain. The sigma lenses on Single Shot AF mode is....a little slow (yes, I was a little disappointed). It tries to hunt but it finds its way to the right focus point. It's good that it does, but it's not good that it's slow for shooters with moving subjects.

MC-11 on Canon EF lenses?

2 W's here, it works and It's weird. Sigma mentioned that the MC-11 only works with Sigma only lenses. After seeing people mated different lenses, I tried my Canon 70-200 2.8L lens and it's quite fast, like a lot faster than the Sigma lenses (with a California girl accent). My lens focuses just as fast if it was a Canon camera to an EF lens. BUT there are drawbacks; There's no phase detection, no continuous focusing, and the focusing regions are a limited versus a sigma lens mated on the MC-11. Did I mention about about the physical feel of the converter mounted on the A7Rii? It's very solid.   

A7Rii equipped with MC11 and Sigma 35mm lens mounted 


I personally believe that Sigma is still going to update their firmware to address the little quirks that it has (if they actually listen to us little fries). I have used them for my engagement shoots and It worked just fine. To be honest, I haven't tried them with moving subjects, but from my hands on review of it. You may want to use the Metabones IV. Keep in mind, the sigma lenses won't have all the cool options that Sony offers with the MC-11. 

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