Fall Engagement - TJ and CJ / by Herb Real

It's been quite busy for me for the past few weeks with shoots, collaborations, and a new job (if you ever cared, I'm a marketing professional) so I wanted to refresh my post from last weekend. My close core group of friends, TJ and CJ, have asked me to shoot their engagement photos and just finally finished their set.

As a creative, I always consult with clients on what type of themes/theme they want, then I show some inspirations/ideas. Once agreed upon a theme, I always recommend to be mindful of clothing on the day of the shoot. ALWAYS bring EXTRA CLOTHES (ladies, you'll never know) and for the guys, I recommend something that's neutral and compliments their significant others' attire.  

Next, (on the day of the shoot) directing on how to pose the clients is key, from shooting over a bunch of shoots, I've always managed on how to simplify a pose for the couple. Cracking jokes works wonders too, just make sure that your finger is on the camera trigger to capture that special moment.

Posing and catching that perfect moment are the best ones, which could make the photo very natural and candid, just like in the first photo from the set. I got CJ to look back as we were looking for a good spot to take some photos. Needless to say that candid is BEST.

At the end of the shoots, for me, the most rewarding thing is that I get to capture their life moment and better when they are happy with the results. As I always tell my clients, photos last forever.

Here are some of my favorites, enjoy!