DJI Mavic Pro - impressions and thoughts / by Herb Real

Alas! The highly anticipated, ultra-portable, smart drone is here from DJI! I wanted to start off this review with my initial thoughts from unboxing, pre-flight, and after flight impressions. 




Christmas came early, Santa FedEx came in at 10am to hand deliver the Mavic bundle (extra batteries and a bag). First impressions: 

- nice packaging, it definitely feels like there's a value add besides the product itself

- instruction manuals were really helpful to set up the system. I had to charge both controller and the battery before syncing them together

- size: it's amazing how small this drone is and how the controller fits my back pocket. The mavic itself is almost pocket-friendly, but I chose not to put try it in. 


Mavic + Controller

- the mavic feels solid. It's construction isn't made with cheap plastic grade and the foldable arms do not feel flimsy. In short, the feel of it is great. 

- controller: as pictured below, it could almost be a video game piece. It's tiny, it almost have this grip like texture. Clipping your iPhone 7 with a slim case isn't much of a trouble.

I had my friend to hold it so I can take a reference photo

I had my friend to hold it so I can take a reference photo

Size of the controller itself. Quite smallz

Size of the controller itself. Quite smallz

Thoughts so far (day 1) 

my major concern is how the gimbal and the camera is mounted by rubber mounts. You can definitely see the camera shake while you lug it around but it doesn't affect while in flight (comes with a glass protector dome and the gimbal plastic mount when not in use)

It may just be me or my experience so far, but the proximity sensors (avoiding objects) weren't working for me. I tried (in flight) grabbing the mavic and it took a bit to move up. 


A video to follow.