Above the Dunes – Pismo Weekend / by Herb Real

So so happy to have filmed this footage with my creative friends and pushed me to actually start getting into filming with drones. Last weekend, I was in Pismo beach for a friends birthday/workday for some content and thoughts of the mavic drone flying it the 2nd time.

Tons of lessons learned from flying it the 2nd time in my possession and I must say that the preset features work great. For a portable drone, the mavic pro beats mid-level market on that aspect. I was able to stove my drone in my bag to protect it from the sand, though, flying the drone in the dunes I had problems with. I had to fly while I hold it up, flying it on a piece of wide cardboard helps and I wouldn't recommend flying it from a hood of a car because it gives the magnetic interference (it wont let you fly it).

In flight, I found it annoying when I later reviewed my videos when I see sudden shakes on the camera. Perhaps it was windy that day and it must've had a mini turbulence or some sort. The preset features like follow is great, I let it track it on my friends SUV and it followed very well. I wish I knew about the leading mode, I ran out of batteries before I was able to toggle the feature on.

Landing it is another beast, I had to manually land it in my friends truck or the hood of the truck. I would only recommend if you're comfortable or if your friend is. Don't want both parties have damaged cars or drones.  

Any who, that's my thoughts on the 2nd day of flight, enjoy the vid and comment and like if you love my footy!